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PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha

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Eco Club

We are acting as the nodal agency for organising and monitoring Natioanl Green Corps programme in 31 schools of our Sub-division. So, We have arranged for developing ECO-CLUBs at these schools. They have already adopted the following programmes :
1.Gardening for Medicinal Plants
2. arranging survey for Bio_diversity.
2. Organising Nature Study Camps.
4. Maintaning Cleanliness in schools.
5. Observing special days like, enviornment day, Earth day,
    Hirosima day, Wet_Land conservation day, etc. 
6. Awarness programmes regarding energy and water conservation.
7. Plantation Programme during forest week (14th=21st July).
8.Arranging "prakriti amader” compitetion
The eco clubs of these schools participate in the “prakriti amader” compitetion conducted by WBPCB. Every year some school of our locality secure the first position both in district and state level compitetion. The dist. & state level winners are taken for state nature camp every year. In that programme students from Sultanpur tulsidas vidyamandir and Simlon A K vidyamandir participated in Sukna & Mongpoo camp.

Joint programme with Kalna Municipality- 

   PBVM Kalna in association with Kalna Municipality has jointly organized various awareness Campaign and implemented projects. Projects for several environment related problem. 

  Combating mosquito

In 1996 PBVM & Kalna Municipality jointly completed a mosquito control Projects at ward no-3 & 5. Vent pipe and outlet pipe of Septic Tank were covered with nylon made mosquito net at each family of those wards. Awareness Campaign against malaria and Mosquito Control was also organized at that period. This project completed successfully resulting remarkable decrease of the population of Culex Mosquito.

  Campaign about abuse of Drinking water

Kalna town lies in the probable belt of Arsenic Pollution . In kalna a decline in the ground water level by several mt. noted during the past decade. Iron Concentration are found very high. Rapid increase of population of kalna town leads to rapid aforestations and rapid depletion of water level day by day. We are joinly awaring people against abuse of drinking water. Thay are adviced to fit a floating valve to the bib cock of reservoir. In this connection we have organized door to door campaign and postering.

A seminar was conducted on Conservation of water on 28th Aug.04 at purosree kalna. Chairman Kalna Municipality Dr. Gouranga Goswami presided over the seminar and Sri Tapan Saha , scientist, IWMED and asst. Secretary, PBVM, delivered his speech on that subject. 


This programme is running during last ten years. Most of the trees, mainly fruit trees, have grown well. 


  We play a significant roll in the noise control campaign programme during festivals such as Durgapuja Swaraswati Puja, Jhapan (folk festival related with manasa). We used desible metre during that campaign. Our Dhatrigram and Kalna Town branch maintain continuity in that campigaing

  Dr, Abirlal Mukherjee's seminar was arranged by few years before which was the initiation of our awarness programme regarding Noise Pollution. 


  We have started functing to prepare peoples Biodiversity of purba Satgachia GP. The documentation of the knowledge to the biololical resorceses of the people of any locality is known as Peoples Bio- Diversity Resister (PBR). At first we are documenting knowledge relating with plants . Alearge part of the work has been finished . Eco Clubs of that locality Botany Department of Kalna College, some Kabiraj and local people of Satgachia are helping us in that programme.


  During Durgapuja and Swaraswatipuja we put an appeal to puja organizers not to throw the offerings like flowers, leaves, plastic chandmala and other metal objects, etc. in water. A separate space is earmarked for collection of the above materials. Within 24 hours the accumulated debris is transported to the municipal park "PUROBITAN" for composting. In the near future we are going to make an arrangement to earmark an area in the water for immersion. And after that the remains of the idols accumulated debris, straw, jute strings and waste materials related to immersion will be removed for composting.

Kalna Zonal Committee
Kalna : Burdwan
West Bengal : India
Pin - 713409
       Phone - 9434033793