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PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha

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Kalna : Barddhaman


About our  Efforts :

PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha was founded in 1986. Vigyan Mancha emerged as a common platform for expression of the intellectually advanced science concious people and the science clubs of West Bengal. Similarly at Kalna, Vigyan club became the Zonal committee of PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha. In 1987 , some interested persons of Kalna organized a huge science fair at Kalna College. The committee, framed at that time for the exhibition, became known as Kalna Vigyan Club. The joint Secretaries of the club were Ashutosh Pal and Prof. Abhijit Sengupta. In 1988,  from Kalna Zonal Conference, Kalna Zonal Committee of PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha started its journey.
The main objective of PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha is to build a science concious society.  Through the history of two decades of various propagandas and projects, this organization for science popularization has become the largest organization of its kind. 
Kalna Zonal committee works in Block No. I & II of Kalna P.S. and Block No. I & II of Purbasthali P.S.  At present our member 1450 is              in this Zonal area. Every year new members are registered and renewal of existing members is also done. Kalna Zonal Committee works through 7 units within the 4 blocks. Within this area, activities of 31 Eco-Clubs are monitored. These eco-clubs execute the" National Green Crops Programme". The units within our Zonal committee are Dhatrigram, Sultanpur, Badla, Baidyapur, Purbasthali-I, Purbasthali-II and Kalna town.
Every three years the unit committees and the Zonal committee are elected through conferences. The committees functioning at present were elected at 6th conference in 2005.
Other than organizing science awareness movements, organizational literature and booklets are also circulated with proper priority. The two bi-monthly magazines "Janavigyaner Ishtahar" and "E-Juger Kishore Vigyani" are mainly for the organizers/seniors and kids/teenagers respectively. Within our Zonal area the number of permanent subscribers are   for "Janavigyaner Ishtahar" and  for "E-Juger Kishore Vigyani".
The permanent office building of Kalna Zonal Committee of PaschimBanga Vigyan Mancha was inaugurated in    . Late Sri Tushar Kundu donated 8 "Kathas" of land at Lakhmanpara at Kalna town for construction of our office building. He was a whole-hearted activist for spreading science conciousness. Within one year the building was raised and was inaugurated by the greta science movement activist Sri Shankar Chakroborty on     .
We remember, before having this building, we had a temporary office at Kansaripara, Kalna.
Our office building was constructed according to the low-cost innovative technology with hte help of FOSET. At our office building we have tried to use and exhibit different technological models for energy conservation, like use of solar electricity and producing inflammable gas from human excreta, used for cooking and lighting.

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Kalna Zonal Committee
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